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Supporting Team Wiess

Be a 60th Anniversary Sponsor!

The proceeds of the 60th Anniversary Celebration benefit the Wiess President’s Endowment, which supports projects for the betterment of Wiess College.

We invite you to underwrite this cause by becoming a Sponsor of the 60th Anniversary Celebration.

How to Become a Sponsor

Become a 60th Anniversary Sponsor by using Rice University's secure giving site.

1. Click "Become a Sponsor" on one of the sponsorship levels below to be directed to the Rice University secure giving site.

2. After filling in your personal and contact information, fill in the donation information as follows:

  • In the "Amount" box near the bottom of the form, enter the amount of your sponsorship;
  • In the "Designation" box next to that, use the drop-down menu and select "Other";
  • In the “Special Instructions” box (a little further down), type: Wiess College 60th Anniversary Fund
Sponsor Wiess

Wiess 60th Anniversary Sponsorship Levels

Black & Gold Sponsor


Tabletop Sponsor


Acabowl Sponsor


Harry C. Wiess Sponsor

  • Honoring 60 years

Contributions of any amount are welcome

Harry C. Wiess Sponsors:
Honoring 60 Years of Wiess College

Gary Chiles ’86 and Amy Sutton ’89

Art ’96 and Betsy ’98 Tontiplaphol

The Willy Revolution Team

Acabowl Sponsors

Clint ’79 and Nancy Packer ’80 Carlson
Patti Lipoma Kraft ’87 and Jonathan Kraft
Greg ’83 and Wendy Kuhn
Terry ’83 and Ellen Phillips
Andrew ’94 and Laura Atkinson ’95 Schaefer

Tabletop Sponsors

Laney Talmage Mobley and Ebb Mobley
In honor of Roy & Helena Talmage
Doyle Arnold ’70 and Anne Glarner
Diana ’87 and Brent Clukey
Leon Dure ’80 and Ramona Albin
Tom ’51 and Nancy ’55 Eubank
Scott ’83 and Anna Hammann
Anderson ’00 and Melinda Lee
Jan ’64 and Elizabeth Vickrey ’66 Lodal
Jeff Oldham ’91
George ’75 and Marilyn Pharr
Dan and Virginia Platt
Amy Schindler ’02

Black & Gold Sponsors

Gabe ’92 and Dawn Calvetti

Charles ’85 and Karen Caldwell

Stephen ’60 and Janice ’60 Doty

Leonard ’78 and Joan Fasullo

George ’98 and Stephanie Fotinos

Brendan ’96 and Martha Ocker ’96 Gau

Roshan ’00 and Rachel Gummattira

Emily ’99 and Bradley Hague

Michael Haley ’87

Rich ’89 and Mary ’92 Holmes

Dan Hyde ’68

Michael ’84 and Cindy Kane

Peter ’85 and Julie Laun

Pei-Chih Lee ’97

Christa Leimbach

Catriona MacPhail ’92 and Michael Lappin

Jon Harris Maurer ’08 and Nathanial Myers

Charles Newell ’78 and Hanadi Rifai ’85

Gary Patterson ’96

Ethan ’99 and Debbi Schultz

Pierce ’70 and Mary Beth Swofford

Manish ’96 and Pooja Vira

George ’88, ’91 and Susannah Webb

Mark ’80 and Deborah Werner

Other Sponsors

Edith Arnold ’05 and Alec Sullivan ’05
Brooks ’02 and Logan Bohn
Elias and Odelia Bongmba
Samantha Calvetti ’15
Brian ’89 and Lisa Casey
Regina Cavanaugh ’87
Nancy Chabot ’94 and Rob Layden
Lisa Childs ’87 and Donald Hendrix
Robert Cooper ’80
Theresa Curtis ’05
Matthew ’09 and Cynthia ’09 Dahlgren
Bill ’88 and Jill Tanke ’92 Davis
Darren DeFreeuw ’08
William ’92 and Sue ’91 Deigaard
Bryan Ding ’01 and Helen Wei ’96
Larry Flournoy ’70
Charles Foucar ’09
Jonathan ’98 and Alli Franke
Gary Garverick ’93
Greg Giem ’04 and Mollie Finley ’05
Brett ’92 and Stephanie Granger
Gordon ’62 and Jeanne Green
Josh ’02 and Christina Hale
Jim ’69 and Gail Henderson
Bob Horton ’66
Doward ’01 and Christie ’01 Hudlow
Steve ’87 & Amy Ingram
Dave Krewinghaus ’93 and Erin Kelly ’93
Jose ’01 and Viola ’02 Leal
Nancy Letness
Omar Nava ’07
Joey Neggers ’06
Denise ’87 and Donald Penners
Matt ’08 and Kate Hicks ’08 Pharr
John Reilly ’74
Elizabeth Richards ’00
Lewis Roberts ’12
Tex Sandlin ’82
Komal Shah ’95 and Vijay Kale
Robert Simpson ’73 and Marti Wade
Thomas Sturm ’15
Dave Tagge ’98
Chien-Wen Tseng ’88
Kenan Yaser ’87 and Jill Parrish
Deyanira Verdejo ’09
Christine ’04 and Peter Wang
Zach Watterson ’15
Frederick Wen ’97
Jack ’59 and Sadie Wertheimer


For questions about becoming a Wiess 60th Anniversary Sponsor, please contact:

George Webb
Wiess ’88, ’91